DOT Tire Test for Pro 2 and Pro 4 at Glen Helen Raceway

DOT Tire Test for Pro 2 and Pro 4 at Glen Helen Raceway

To: All tire manufacturers, currently competing in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Pro 2 and Pro 4 classes
From: Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Management

We would like to invite each of you and ask for your full participation and assistance, as we conduct a tire test, using only DOT tires for Pro 2 and Pro 4 tire manufacturers. We are asking you to join us by using the same tire size parameters as currently stated in the LOORRS rulebook. This test is a direct attempt to validate the ideas that were brought up by some of our teams (within our last series survey) as a cost saving measure for all teams and tire vendors alike. Please note the 2017 Pro 2 and Pro 4 tire rule will not be changed to a DOT tire.

The LOORRS 2017 tire rule will remain in place. This test is to gather feedback from teams and tire manufactures for a possible 2018 rule update. Details below:

Location: Glen Helen Raceway
Date: January 24th, 2017
Load In: 7:00am
Test sessions to commence: 8:30am – 4:00pm

Below are a few things we would like you to test during this test session.

The test will begin with our track crew prepping the track, in its current configuration and in as close to race weekend conditions as possible.

One of our objectives is to find out whether a DOT tire will withstand the demands of a Pro 2 and Pro 4 truck - at race speeds for a period of laps comparable to a LOORRS event or even higher, without catastrophic failures or breakdowns?

If your tire company should want to be involved with the tire test, please know, there will be no grooving and no siping of the tire tread compound area during this test.

We understand you may want to try different DOT skews that you have and this day will be allocated to select your tire of choice. However, as the day moves forward, we want to perform these tests with the concept of using the exact same 4 tires to both qualify and race on.

We have received a lot of input from the teams and their manufactures on this DOT subject. We are looking at ways to help with costs reductions for our teams and manufacturers.

The hope of many teams, is that we can enable everyone to race on the exact same tires, if they so choose. We will accomplish this by following the same basic concept that is currently used in the Pro Lite class, with regards to tire availability mandates and purchasing opportunities for all.

As always, we are extremely approachable. We will always maintain confidentiality, as desired and we welcome your professional feedback for the betterment of the sport of Short Course Racing. We look forward to your positive involvement as we approach the concept with open minds.


Ritchie Lewis
Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series
Series Director

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