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Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Championship Profile: RZR 170 Champion George Llamosas

Monday, November 11, 2019
Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Championship Profile: RZR 170 Champion George Llamosas

The RZR 170 class was the newest addition to the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series in 2019, featuring arguably the most evenly matched vehicles in the championship. Behind the wheel of each RZR 170 machine was the most promising young talent in all of off road racing, where pre-teen racers from around the country had the chance to begin their Lucas Oil Off Road Racing careers alongside the sport’s biggest stars, on the finest racetracks in America.

The competition throughout the season was exceptional, as these determined youngsters gave it their all in pursuit of victory. One driver that emerged as the face of the division, and a future star of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, was inaugural champion George Llamosas. The 10-year-old from Riverside, California, is no stranger to racing, first competing in motocross before making the transition to four wheels. With the help of his parents, the Llamosas Racing driver was the epitome of consistency, finishing on the podium at all seven rounds, highlighted by a class-leading four wins. A runner-up finish at the season finale at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Chandler, Arizona, clinched the first ever RZR 170 title for Llamosas, setting the tone for what is sure to be a bright future in short course off road racing.

Jerett Brooks

You’re the first ever champion of the RZR 170 class. Have you realized how big of an accomplishment this is yet?
I have! Right after I finished the (last) race, people started telling me congratulations and telling me that I won the championship. Lots of people were happy for me.

The competition in this class was pretty incredible. What was it like for you to race against so much other young talent in vehicles that are so close in performance?
It was (awesome) because I was racing against kids from places like Arizona and Utah. It was really fun. They were all really competitive and they were all really fast.

You never finished off the podium this season. What do you think was the key to that consistency and all the success you achieved?
I think it was all of the help from my dad. He’s been putting in his blood, sweat, and tears into that car. He made it one of the best cars out there, and that’s what was making me get on that podium.

What previous racing experience did you bring into the RZR 170 class?
I used to race (motocross) before I started in the Lucas Oil National Series, and before that I was doing the Lucas Oil Regional Series. I also raced in WORCS Racing (in the UTV division).

Jerett Brooks

What was the transition like to go from two wheels, in motocross, to four wheels in the RZR 170 class? Do you think your motocross experience helped you?
(Motocross) helped me a lot with my line choices, and thinking that if I go too much into (a corner) it was going to make me go way too outside. I think the experience from that helped my transition from two wheels to four wheels a lot.

Outside of crossing the finish line to clinch the championship at Wild Horse Pass, what was the best memory you had from the past season?
What stuck with me a lot was in Sparks (at Wild West Motorsports Park). I was able to get my first win, (and) it wasn’t just my first win. It was also the first win for my team.

What are your goals for next year? What are your long-term dreams in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series?
For next year, my plan is to stay on top of the box (with wins). Actually, I want to be the doubleheader champion of RZR 170. For my other (long term) goals, I want to be one of the top drivers in Pro 4.

You’ve mentioned your family. How important has their support been this season, and allowing you to chase your dreams in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series?
Let’s start with my dad. He’s been helping me by telling me I should do things a certain way (to be fast) and getting me ready to know what I have to do (on the track). He’s also been helping me a lot with the car. My mom, she’s always there to cheer me up when I get down. She also helps me with my gear, like cleaning my helmet and putting on tear-offs. She’s really been helping me a lot as well.