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Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Staff: Competition Director, Greg Foutz

Tuesday, May 26, 2020
Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Staff: Competition Director, Greg Foutz

Off road racing is more than a passion for Greg Foutz; it's a lifestyle. Born in Billings, Montana, Greg and his family relocated to Arizona, the Mecca for off road enthusiasts, when he was a teenager. Surrounded by miles of open desert and a desire for all things fast, Foutz started his racing career in the late '80s after purchasing his first motorcycle from his long-time mentor and founder of Best In The Desert (BITD), Casey Folks. 

In the early '90s, Greg was introduced to off road truck racing and was instantly hooked. Realizing he had found his life's passion, Foutz began competing in SCORE International races down in Baja, Mexico, while still working full-time in his own business. His early accomplishments in the Stock Mini (Ford Ranger) class caught the attention of a Ford Motor Company representative, which eventually led to a 20+ year relationship between Greg and the American auto manufacturer. 

"In my opinion, nothing compares to the feeling of man and machine taking on the unknowns of the dirt. Creating something that can take a beating the way these race vehicles do is more than satisfying; it's pretty much everything! Having done it for many years in the desert, I have such deep respect for the heart and soul that goes into the building of a race vehicle as well as the management of a race team. The logistics that are involved would blow the minds of those who only see it from the outside. It is definitely not for the faint-of-heart."

After taking a brief hiatus early in his racing career to help his mentor Casey write the car/truck rulebooks for BITD, Greg opened his own race shop, Foutz Motorsports, in 1998. Ford contracted Greg's shop to build and race various off road race trucks from 1998-2009. Always committed to quality and innovation, Foutz Motorsports went on to win multiple races and championships at both BITD and SCORE while competing in a Ford. 

Greg and his team were also instrumental in the success of several other Ford race campaigns, including the introduction of the 1st Generation Ford F150 Raptor in 2008, the 3.5L V6 Ecoboost in 2010, the all-new aluminum body F150 in 2013 and the Generation 2 Raptor in 2016. 

After having established a name for himself in the off road racing world, Greg was sanctioning and running the TrophyLite Race Series, a spec off road racing series founded by the legendary Scaroni family, from 2009-2012. With experience as a racer, team owner, and sanctioning a professional race series, the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) viewed Greg as the ideal candidate to take over as the Series' Competition Director and quickly recruited Foutz in 2012. 

In his role for LOORRS, Foutz works directly with track officials and the Lucas Oil executive team to coordinate and officiate the various races put on by the Series. Foutz's experience in the industry makes him the ideal fit for the role; being a former racer himself, Greg knows what is necessary to ensure all events are safe and enjoyable for fans and drivers. 

To this day, Foutz remains a consummate professional and active business owner in the off road industry. His hard work most recently earned him a promotion to Vice President of Systems for Drake Automotive Group. With little time to do his own racing these days, Greg's passion for all things off road remains his motivation, which is why he spends the few moments of free time he has working with the LOORRS staff to put on the best short course racing available. And much like the rest of us off road enthusiasts, Greg can't wait to get back to the action. 

"This pause in our ability to go racing has been tough on us all. I am anxious to get everyone back on the racetrack, doing what we all love. Off road is not just a hobby; it is a lifestyle. The people out there living it know what I mean. Of course, we want to do it safely and timely but we off roaders are not exactly known for our patience, so I really hope we can make it happen soon. To all my racing friends and family out there, hang tight. Short course racing will be back!”